Historical Review

The Department of Architecture is among the oldest departments of the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, and the oldest school of Architecture in Egypt and the Region. Its foundation and early stages date back to the Nineteenth Century. Architectural Engineering was one of the principal specializations of the School of Engineering “Mohandesskhana”; founded by Mohamed Aly Pasha, the ruler of Egypt, in 1816. Architecture has remained since, among the few specializations of the Engineering School throughout its development and at the various locations it occupied during the Nineteenth Century and till its settlement at the present site in 1905; under the name of the Royal School of Engineering. The Engineering School joined the newly founded Egyptian University in 1935 and its name was changed to, the Faculty of Engineering and has remained so since then. top essay writing services

Throughout the period of initiation and development phases in the department, the education system has respected the course structure and program of having a common year: the preparatory   year and the distribution on specializations/departments. The department of Architecture was closely linked to the school and then to the Faculty of Engineering program and tuition schedules.

 years were closely linked to the school and then to the Faculty of Engineering program and tuition schedules.

The Undergraduate Program
The undergraduate program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture developed considerably during the past two decades. This development was closely related to the introduction, and implementation, of the new Faculty of Engineering Internal By laws& Regulations between 1990 and 1996; which was characterized by the adoption of the two semester system, the review and updating of the courses’ structure and contents, the increase in the weight of humanities and nonphysical topics as well as emphasis of computer aided design and analysis. The program was further enhanced by the elaboration of five specialization streams, namely: Architecture, Building Science and Technology, Environmental Design, Urban Design and Housing, and Urban Planning. This is clearly reflected in the New Faculty of Engineering (including the Department of Architectural Eng. Undergraduate Program) Internal By laws& Regulations, implemented since the academic year, 2003-2004. Besides the establishment of the five specialization streams the program’s new features include: the expanding of the number of electives in each stream, and the development of the graduation project, to provide the culmination   and logical conclusion to each of the specialization streams. A new Course Catalogue is developed to offer courses that will complement all missing knowledge and skills needed to graduate a well-developed multi-disciplinary architect. DA is currently a member in the University Network Initiative- affiliated to UN Habitat, aiming at conducting activities, and knowledge exchange between universities around the world.


UNESCO-UIA full report group visit to the Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering (DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING) B.Sc. in Architectural Engineering, was conducted between 12&16 October 2014; after carrying on their Preliminary Visit back in March 2009. This final full report group visit resulted in the Full Unconditional Recognition of the Program for three years. The Architecture department is considered the first public school of Architecture in Egypt, Middle East & Africa to be fully validated by UNESCO-UIA.

Post Graduate Studies
The newly implemented postgraduate program and statute (May 2000) at the Department of Architecture comprises five specializations, namely: Architectural Studies, Building Science and Technology, Environmental Design and Planning, Urban Design and Housing, and Urban Planning – offering postgraduate Diplomas, Master, and Doctoral Degrees; in the above mentioned five areas of specialization. The growing number of registered postgraduate students and the yearly conferred Master, and Doctoral degrees, reasonably reflect research endeavors and activities on the postgraduate front. Recently a protocol was signed between the DA and Cottbus University in Germany to organize a joint Master program involving University of Alexandria, The program has been approved by the Higher Council of Universities.

Gathering international and national experts, and working with other international universities, from USA, Germany, France and UK. The most recent and important events were the following:

A Joint Master Program of the BTU – Middle East Cooperation for Urban Design and Development, April 2012, DA& University of Technology Cottbus, Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Urban Planning.

Joint PhD-Colloquium for Urban Development and Architecture “Transformation Partnership for Urban Design and Architecture in Historic City Districts”, June 2012, DA& University of Technology Cottbus, Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Urban Planning.

Department Facilities
The Department of Architecture occupies four of the eight stories of the Architecture Building, located in the main campus of the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University with a total area of about 8400 square meters; accommodating: design studios, lecture theatres, tutorial spaces, class-rooms, faculty offices, faculty & student facilities as well as the following key facilities:

–  The Department Library
The stock comprises some 7000 volumes, 60 periodical & journal, 1000 bound Master & Doctoral Thesis. The library enjoys internet access and provides a variety of support services, including: photocopying, scanning & printing.

–  Environmental Laboratory
The facilities includes; stationed and mobile instruments for environmental measurements & monitoring; acoustics, sound and noise levels, natural & artificial lighting, thermal parameters (temperature, radiation) and humidity – as well as a meteorological station.

 –  Computer Laboratory
Supports both the undergraduate & postgraduate programs; providingtraining and short courses in AUTOCAD, Graphics & Communications, GIS, etc.; as well as a wide variety of services to students, researchers & Faculty members.

 The department also includes The Urban Planning lab, which focuses on studies and related analysis to sustainability.

Scientific Conferences, Symposia, Public Lectures & Exhibitions

The Department organized many conferences, symposia and public lectures, architectural exhibitions, the most recent includes:

The 1st International Scientific Conference, Arch Cairo 2004, Sustainable Architectural & Urban Development, February 2004,Grand Hayatt Cairo.

The 2ndInternational Scientific Conference, Arch Cairo 2005,Globalization and Beyond; Architecture Communities & Settings, February 2005, Grand Hayatt Cairo.

The 3rdInternational Scientific Conference, Arch Cairo 2006,Appropriating Architecture & Urbanism in the Decades of Transformation, February 2006, Grand Hayatt Cairo.

The4thInternational Scientific Conference, Arch Cairo 2007,Towards New Architectural Dimensions; Linking & Bridging Academia & the Professional Realm, March 2007, Grand Hayatt Cairo.

The 5th International Scientific Conference, Arch Cairo 2009, Towards a New Architecture Vision; Presentation & Representation, December, 2009, Cairo Marriott Hotel.

The 6thInternational Scientific Conference, Arch Cairo 2014,Responsive urbanism in informal areas; Towards A Regional Agenda for Habitat III, November 2014, Conrad Hotel.

Workshops and seminars are continuous activities in the department; gathering international and national experts.

The Egyptian Women Architects Exhibition& 2nd Symposium, Exhibition & Festival Hall, The Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, March 2005.

Berkeley (USA) in Cairo, Lecture Series: Walter Hood (USA), Charles C. Benton (USA), Jean Pierre Protzen (Switzerland),The Festival Hall, The Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, February– April 2005.

Arata Isozaki, Exhibition & Presentation, The Exhibition Hall & Main Lecture Theatre, Dept. of Arch., The Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, November 2005.

Peter Davy (UK), Charles Jencks, Renato Rizzi (Italy), Keynote Presentations, The Festival Hall, The Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, February – February 2004 – Feb. 2005.


The Department of Architecture Scientific Refereed Journal will be launched in December 2014 to be issued twice in its 1st year of publication; to turn into a quarterly publication thereafter. The Editorial Advisory Board comprises leading the international and national academics.

 The Department Heads; Chairpersons (1924-2013)

In 1924 Mustapha Fahmy, architect, was appointed as an acting head for the Department of Architecture; with architects Aly Gabr and Mohamed Raafat as assistants. The department was chaired since, by 16 heads namely: Prof. Aly Gabr (1946-1955), Prof. Mohamed Sherif Neuman (1955-1964), Prof. Mustafa Shafie (1964), Prof. Dr. Kamal Eddin Sameh (1964-1966), Prof. Yousef Shafik (1966-1968), Prof. Dr. Mohamed Sayed Sahaab (1968-1971), Prof. Dr. Aly Bassiouni (1971-1978), Prof. Dr. Aly Raafat (1978-1988), Prof. Dr. Adel Azmi ElKattan (1988-1989), Prof. Dr. Mohamed Reda Kamel (1989- 1994), Prof. Dr. Zakia Hassan Shafie (1994-1995), Prof. Dr. Amr Mohamed Sherif Neuman (1995-1998), Prof. Dr. Mohamed Sameh Kamal Eddin Sameh (1998-2001), Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mohamed ElBarmelgi (2001-2003), Prof. Dr. Nasamat Abdel Kader (2003-2004), Prof. Dr. Sayed Ettouney (2004-2006), Prof. Dr. Mohamed Medhat Dorra (2006-2010), Prof. Dr. Tarek Abdel Latif.(2010-2013)

Staff Members :
The Department Staff council is headed by Prof. Dr. Sahar Abdel Moneim Attia

The total number of Staff is (134)  distributed as follows :

Emeritus professors :
Emeritus Associate professors:
Emeritus Assistant professors : 
Professors :
Associate professors:
Assistant professors :
Assistant Lecturers :
Demonstrators :


Emeritus Professors :

Prof. Dr. Aly Ahmad Raafat

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Reda Kamel

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Samy ElShafie

Prof. Dr. Zakia Hassan Shafie

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Sameh. K. E. Sameh

Prof. Dr. Mohamed M. ElBarmelgi

Prof. Dr. Nasamat M.A. AbdelKader

Prof. Dr. Sayed M. Ettouney

Prof. Dr. Abdel Halim Ibrahim

Prof. Dr. Tarek Abdelatif AboulAtta

Prof. Dr. Sawsan Ahmed Helmy

Prof. Dr. Mohamed M. A. Eweda

Prof. Dr. Samy Sabry Shaker

Prof. Dr. Hisham Sameh Hussein

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Reda Abdin

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ahmed Fikri

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Medhat Dorra

Prof. Dr. Nagwa H. Sherif

Prof. Dr. Medhat AbdelMegeed ElShazli

Prof. Dr. Soheir Mohamed Zaki Hawas

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Amin Mohamed Amin

Prof. Dr. Sami Sabri Shaker

Prof. Dr. Mohsen M. A. AboulNagaa

Emeritus Associate Professors:

Dr. Hamam Ezz El-Din Serag El-Din

Dr. Naela M. Farid Toulan

Dr. Hisham Amr Bahgat

Dr. Ahmed Fahim Gamal El-Din Fahim


Prof. Dr. Sahar Abdel Moneim Attia (Chairman)

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ouf

Prof. Dr. Mohamad Moemen Afifi

Prof. Dr. Mootaz Mohamed Farid

Prof. Dr. Rowaida Mohamed Reda Kamel

Prof. Dr. Aly Mohmed A. ElSawi

Prof. Dr. Aly Hatem Gabr (Vice–Dean)

Prof. Dr. Hisham Sherif Gabr

Prof. Dr. Amr Adel Azmi ElKataan

Prof. Dr. Amr Mustafa Kamal ElHalafawi

Prof. Dr. Basel Ibrahim Kamel

Prof. Dr. Zeinab Yousef Shafik

Prof. Dr. Shahdan Ahmed Shabaka

Prof. Dr. Dalila Ahmed El Kirdani

Prof. Dr. Nabil Mohamed ElHadi El Arabi

Prof. Dr. Hisham Khairy AbdelFattah

Prof. Dr. Raghad Mofeed Ibrahim

Prof. Dr. Sherine Mohy Eldin Wahba

Prof. Dr. Emad Alii Eddin A. ElSherbini

Prof. Dr. Ayman Hassan Ahmed Mahmoud

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Amin Mohamed

Prof. Dr. Maysa Mahmoud Abdel Aziz

Associate Professors:

Dr. Sawsan ElSayed Yacoub Bakr

Dr. Hisham Hussein Azmy

Dr. Ihab Abdel Megeed El Shazly

Dr. Hatem Mohamed Sami ElShafie

Dr. Waleed Abdel Monem AbdelKader

Dr. Tamer Mohamed Fouad Hefni

Dr. Mohamed Hussein Abdel Kader

Dr. Mohamed Nabil Ghoneim

Dr. Mohamed Reda Abdallah

Dr. Mohamed Fikri Mahmoud

Dr. Magda Mohamed Hossam

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Said Shalabi

Dr. Nehad Mohamed M. Eweda

Dr. Enji Mohamed M.  El-Barmelgi

Dr. Heba Farouk Ismail Ahmed

Dr. Mohamed Anwar

Dr. Asmaa Abdel Ati

Dr. Tamer Abdel Aziz

Assistant Professors:

Dr. Ahmed Mostafa A. Abdel Gaffaar

Dr. Heba Farouk

Dr. Mohamed Noaman El-Zarki

Dr. Tarek Abdel Raouf Mohamed

Dr. Aly Kamal Kandil

Dr. Sahar Emam

Dr. Karim Kesseba

Dr. Mohamed Shoukri

Dr. Sherine Gamaz

Dr. Tarek Ibrahim Nasr

Dr. Mostafa Ahmed Yehia

Dr. Noheir El Guendi

Dr. Aliaa El Sadaty

Dr. Ghada Raafat