Between searching inside the content, relaxing to discover the factors, taking notes, and writing the white paper writing paper writing paper write critique, students will get to dedicate several hrs within the person’s to writing just one critique. Now period increases when the article is especially extended or complex. Homework critiques are writing assignments that provide students when using the chance to accomplish this. Another function have to know , critique will it be informs future readers concerning the article by answering the questions, who’d find this data useful, together with precisely what are articles shortcomings? So that you can effectively write articles critique, students must consider a standardized volume of criteria that they are susceptible to use to judge the merits have to know ,. Sometimes these criteria sit when using the instructor.

Department Mission

The mission of the department covers four main pillars:

1. Education
Graduate a creative architect, and multi-disciplinary practitioner capable of building strong relationships between architecture and the various developed systems that support civil society and its institutions; an architect who is a problem solver; a critical thinker capable of developing solutions to fulfill the local and regional aspirations for development meanwhile respecting the ethics of the profession.

2. Research:
Building international research network. Thus enhancing scientific research that meets the local challenges and international concerns and trends, along with providing opportunities for students and recent graduates by partnering with educational and research institutions at the local, regional and global levels. Linking research to the educational programs.

3. Policy Advice:
Staff members in the department through the center of design and engineering support will play an important role in minimizing the gap between academia and practice. Committed to strengthen the partnerships with national and international institutions and extend policy advice at the MENA region level.

4. Professional Development:
Develop and provide professional development opportunities fulfilling international requirements and trends.